Le TCX représente parfaitement l’évolution technique des vélos de cyclocross modernes. A la pointe de l’innovation, le TCX correspond parfaitement à cette discipline où les moindres avantages vous guident vers la victoire : Nouvelle géométrie, bases asymétriques, rigidité du train avant renforcée, freins à disques, guide chaîne.

Points importants

When you’re launching an attack, chasing the break or railing turns in sketchy cyclocross conditions, every advantage counts. Pros settle for nothing less than perfection, and this is the machine that meets their demands. The TCX Advanced Pro features a superlight Advanced-grade composite frame that’s handcrafted with race-proven geometry and asymmetrical chainstays for optimal power transfer. The innovative D-Fuse composite seatpost, first pioneered for this very bike, adds compliance without adding weight, so you can pedal smoothly no matter how rough the course. Other innovations include a lightweight composite WheelSystem and tubeless tires right out of the box, flat-mount disc brakes, and a 12mm front and rear thru-axle for total control cornering, sprinting or climbing in all conditions.


2020 TCX Advanced Pro with interactive tooltips


Advanced Composite
Système de Serrage Tige de Selle Intégrée
OverDrive 2
Tubeless System
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TCX Advanced Pro